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We have a few general repair services listed here for pricing ideas; for general maintanence or "Playing Condition" repairs please bring your instrument in for a free estimate.*
Complete Overhaul Price
Instrument is completely dissasembled, saxophones are ultrasonically cleaned, flutes are hand polished, wooden clarinets are oiled. All keys are hand polished, and given new pads. All corks and felts are replaced including tenon joint corks. The instrument is reassembled, adjusted, regulated, and seated.
Minor Overhaul Price
Instrument is dissasembled and cleaned. Any torn or unusable pads are replaced and seated (up to 7). Any corks or felts that are missing are replaced (including up to two tenon corks or a neck cork). Instrument is reassembled adjusted and regulated.
Neck Cork $25
Old cork is stripped away, neck is cleaned and new cork is applied and fitted to your own mouthpiece.
Tenon Cork Replacement $20
Old cork is stripped away, tenon is cleaned and new cork is applied and fitted.
Minor Overhaul Price
Stuck slides and valves are removed, easily accessible dents are removed. Instrument is then Ultrasonically cleaned, and Silver instruments are hand polished. All felts and corks are replaced, slides and valves are lubricated and the instrument is reassembled.
String Replacement Price
Old strings are removed, neck and under bridge is cleaned, and new strings are put on and tuned.
Bridge Replacement Price
New bridge is cut and fit to players preferred height.(please bring in old bridge)

*Minimum charge is $45 unless otherwise specified

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